Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So... I am so far off the wagon.

I have once again failed at a diet. It wasn't the diets fault. I have spent most of my life gaining and losing weight and this time was no different. For some added info, I now weigh 255 lbs. So... on top of the fact that I failed the diet I also gained an additional 11 lbs. I can't say I am surprised or even that upset. I have been down this road so many times. That is why I have made a very serious decision. I am having Lap Band surgery. I have been thinking about it for over a year now and am very comfortable with the decision. I am not in the process of getting all my insurance information worked out and seeing all the doctors I need to see. Dr. Katz will be doing my surgery and I have my first consult with him on July 14th. I am extremely excited. I am hoping I will not have to wait too long for the insurance to approve my claim. I am seeing my family practice doctor tomorrow to talk to her about my decision and have her sign some paper work. I also need to schedule my psych exam (required before weight loss surgery). I hope the have that done within the next week or two... for sure by the time I see Dr. Katz. Life is as normal otherwise....

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