Wednesday, February 27, 2013

6 Weeks Post-Op Weigh In

I am 6 weeks post-op today and 30 lbs down!  I lost 4.2 lbs this week.  I didn't think I would make it to the 30 lb mark by today, but I am happy I did.  I even got a bonus .2 lbs to add to that 30.  I swear to God, adding in more calories and carbs knocked off another 1.5 lbs over night. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lipstick I love

Two years ago I made a New Year's resolution to wear lipstick.  I am not sure why but I had seen all these fashion blogs with beautiful lipped girls and I wanted to be one of them.  I tried for one day and after all the reapplying... I gave up.  Until this week when I read about this Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick.  I swear to you.. it is amazing.  I have heard the darker colors are better than the lighter ones, I used a very berry pinkish color called Couture.  I love this stuff.  I had read about it on another blog and had to try it.  It does not disappoint.  It lasted through 2 meals, 9 hours of work and many bottles of water.  I probably should have reapplied midday but it still looked good even though I didn't.... Just a touch lighter.  I am not getting paid to blog this (I wish) and this is just from my experience.  It isn't very expensive.. and worth a try.

Follow-Up Finally.

I had my one month follow-up today... a little late as tomorrow I will be 6 weeks.  All went well and he was very happy with my weight loss.  I had no complaints so my visit with the surgeon was brief.  I did want to talk to the dietitian to ask a few questions. 

My doctor's office is different from most in that they don't really tell me to count carbs and they are not a fan of super low calories.  Today I was told I need to eat more.  The dietitian said I need to be getting 900 calories a day at this point.  She said the only other thing I need to worry about is getting 60-80 grams of protein and drinking lots of water.  I am not going to lie, I am relieved to hear she wants me to eat more.  I really have no problem getting 900 calories in throughout the day.  I had been sticking to 600-800 and my loss wasn't as impressive as it had been when I was eating 1000-1200 my first few months after my Lap Band.

I am also happy that they feel carbs are important and long as I am getting in my protein they want me supplementing with fruits and veggies and other good for me things.  I want a balanced diet (as balanced as 900 calories can be).  I will be interested to see how this impacts my next week of weight loss.  Anyway, I will weigh in tomorrow and update the old ticker.

We are getting some really crappy weather here in MI... and I am tired from working all weekend.  I am already waiting for the weekend!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Dr's Appointment That Didn't Happen, and Eating More

So my 1 month follow up was supposed to be yesterday.  Though I am already moving on to 6 months post op next Wednesday and past my one month.  I didn't end up going because the weather was really crappy and I drive about an hour to get to my surgeons office.  I am now going for my 1 month on Tuesday. 

Last night we had a bunch of people over and it was a drink fest with lots of pizza and alcohol and cookies.  I ended up eating about 1300 calories yesterday... first of all, it is amazing I was able to do this.. but between 2 glasses of wine, a bunch of peanut butter m&ms and 2 chocolate chip cookies... the deed was done.  I didn't have pizza cause I am still on soft food... cookies are not considered soft food.. so that was just plain cheating.  I am not sure what got into me but I think all the self pity and annoyance over food issues got to me.  The funny thing is, is that it got my weight loss moving again.  This always seems to happen with me.  Now keep in mind this is the first time I have had more than 800 calories in nearly 6 weeks and that I am fully aware that I can not make a habit of this.  So, today I am back to eating my usual high protein low carb low cal diet.  I am not going to lie... I enjoyed it.

Happy Saturday, I am working.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh In Week 5

As I mentioned in my previous post, the weight loss was not very impressive this week.  I lost a total of 1 lb, however, in 5 weeks that brings me to 26 lbs lost which equals 11% of my total body weight and 26% of my excess weight.  When I look at it that way, I feel much better.  It is also an average of  5.2 lbs a week which isn't bad at all.  I am setting my next goal for 35 down by week 8 which will be March 13th.

I see my doctor on Friday for my 1 month follow-up (a little late) and I hope he is pleased.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I hate myself and everyone else today

A bit dramatic right... yeah.  I am not sure what is wrong with me but I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  My husband is home on midwinter break (he is a teacher) and I have to work.  I wasn't going into work today until noon.  For some reason, him being there threw off my morning.  I also forgot to take my zoloft last night, am still having back problems, and I haven't lost any weight in the last week.  I want to eat normal people food and not have to plan complicated stupid meals for myself.

Ok, now that I have whined... let me get real.  I know I will not lose weight every day or every week.  I know I lost 7 lbs last week which means I probably won't lose much this week.  I know I am learning to eat again and that this is all a process.  I know I am not being rational.  But, today, I feel sorry for myself, and I hate the person I saw in the mirror.

My husband asked me why I was having a bad morning and I burst out crying.  I told him I hate myself today and I just want to eat something without thinking about it.  I know I am being hard on myself... I know I need to stop, but I am giving myself permission to feel this way today.  I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me, I am just keeping it real.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

4 weeks post-op today and down 25 lbs.  I had a giant fantastic loss of 7 lbs this week!  About time after the crap losses I had the two previous weeks!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tricky eating

So I will be 4 weeks post op tomorrow and I am still trying to get the hang of eating soft foods.  Things like cottage cheese and yogurt and cheese seem to be no problem.  Fish is easy... other meat.. tricky.  I have been eating turkey lunch meat wrapped around a piece of cheese.  I have to eat very slowly, which I suck at.  I always eat too fast and then end up with a little pain.  I keep practicing but at work I just can't seem to remember to eat slow.  I am very aware of the amount I am eating so I have never eaten too much.  I will pretty much be on this same diet for the next 6 weeks.  Then I can add in raw veggies and fruits.  I can't wait.  I love salads and I am really missing them.

My back is still giving me big trouble.  I hurt most of the time.  By the time night rolls around I am so much pain I just can't wait to go to bed.  It has certainly improved but now I feel like the improving has sort of leveled off.  I am going to the chiropractor 3x a week.  It helps, but not enough.  Back pain is so frustrating. 

My weight loss is moving a long nicely this week.  I will have an official weigh-in tomorrow.  Being that it is fat Tuesday, people in the metro Detroit area celebrate with paczkis which is a Polish filled donut.  I never really liked them but people have been trying shove them down my throat all day.  I can't eat them, and I am okay with that.  None-the-less, I hope you all are enjoying your fat Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 3

I weighed myself this morning and I lost a very underwhelming .8 lbs.  That makes a total of 18 lbs including my 4 pre-op, so 14 lbs in 3 weeks isn't bad.  It is however frustrating because 12 of that was in the first 5 days after surgery.  O well.. I know how this works and I am sure I will start losing more again soon.  Today I can start soft foods so that means lean tender meats, seafood and fish and cooked/canned fruits and veggies.  I am looking forward to it.

My back is still miserable.  Whatever I did to it, it isn't bouncing back.  I have an appointment at the chiropractor during my lunch hour today.  While at work I have to lay on the floor and stretch every hour so I don't get even more spasms.  It is getting ridiculous.

I wanted to mention one of the most delicious things I have tried in a long time.  I have been living on protein shakes for the last 4 weeks and I am getting so tired of the flavors.  I had read about PB2, the powdered peanut butter, on multiple blogs in the past but never tried it.  I finally ordered some last week and it came yesterday.  OMYGOD!  2 tablespoons of PB2 in a chocolate protein shake and heaven follows.  It is 45 calories for 2 tablespoons and has 5 grams of protein!  I am not sure why I didn't try this earlier, but it is delightful.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nearly 3 weeks outs.

I am coming up on three weeks (Wednesday) post sleeving.  So far I feel really good (in the sleeve department).  However, last Wednesday, my first day back to work, I hurt my back.  I have an ongoing problem with lower back spasms.  I went into work feeling great and left in tears on my drive home.  I drove myself (hardly) to the urgent care.  The doctor gave me Flexeril, more vicodin, and an anti inflammatory shot.  I had to call in Thursday and Friday and I pretty much slept through the last 4 days.  I stopped taking the vicodin on Saturday because it makes me feel gross and have only been taking the Flexeril before bed.  I am significantly better, but I am still really hurting. 

I am back at work today, armed with my heat wrap, back pillow, and meds.  I called my surgeon's office to get the okay to take nsaids for a short time, so I just took a dose of those.  Back pain is miserable...but I am determined to bounce back.

I am looking forward to moving on to soft foods this Wednesday.  I can finally start eating somewhat normal.  I can have fish and seafood, tender white meat, cooked fruits and vegetables, and other delicious options.  I am getting so tired of eating soup, beans, and mashed potatoes.

On the weight front, it is still pretty unimpressive.  The scale isn't moving much so I have to be patient.  I am still eating between 600-800 calories, and even that is a struggle some days.  I am just glad that things seem to be going down smoothly and I feel, for the most part, healthy.