Monday, February 4, 2013

Nearly 3 weeks outs.

I am coming up on three weeks (Wednesday) post sleeving.  So far I feel really good (in the sleeve department).  However, last Wednesday, my first day back to work, I hurt my back.  I have an ongoing problem with lower back spasms.  I went into work feeling great and left in tears on my drive home.  I drove myself (hardly) to the urgent care.  The doctor gave me Flexeril, more vicodin, and an anti inflammatory shot.  I had to call in Thursday and Friday and I pretty much slept through the last 4 days.  I stopped taking the vicodin on Saturday because it makes me feel gross and have only been taking the Flexeril before bed.  I am significantly better, but I am still really hurting. 

I am back at work today, armed with my heat wrap, back pillow, and meds.  I called my surgeon's office to get the okay to take nsaids for a short time, so I just took a dose of those.  Back pain is miserable...but I am determined to bounce back.

I am looking forward to moving on to soft foods this Wednesday.  I can finally start eating somewhat normal.  I can have fish and seafood, tender white meat, cooked fruits and vegetables, and other delicious options.  I am getting so tired of eating soup, beans, and mashed potatoes.

On the weight front, it is still pretty unimpressive.  The scale isn't moving much so I have to be patient.  I am still eating between 600-800 calories, and even that is a struggle some days.  I am just glad that things seem to be going down smoothly and I feel, for the most part, healthy.

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