Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weight hasn't changed but life is rolling along

I haven't posted in forever.  Life is just being lived and I am enjoying myself.  Today I was cleaning out some old files at work and found some old pictures of myself.  Wow... I was really heavy.  I was uncomfortable and sad.  Now I am a normal person who could lose a few pounds but I am mostly happy. 

I have been exercising a lot more, but you all know that saying about not being able to out train a bad diet.  I don't think my diet is bad.  It just isn't good enough to lose weight.  I drink more wine than I should... eat more carbs than I should but for the most part my choices are healthy.

I finally completed my half sleeve tattoo that I have been planning for some time.  I love to garden.  I have multiple large gardens.  I have wanted a vegetable garden half sleeve for some time.  After roughly 6.5 hours of tattooing it is done!  I LOVE it!

That's all for me!  Happy hump day.