Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making Good Choices

I am still struggling... a lot. I have not gone back to my doctor which is very bad. I have, however, had three very successful days full of good choices. I have come to the conclusion that I can only eat thick liquids/soft foods before dinner time. I have been having protein shakes for breakfast every morning and soup for lunch. If I try to eat something more substantial.. I get stuck and puke. Then I am starving and eat ice cream because it is the only thing I can get down. I feel like there are more and more things I can't eat.

I am not happy with my band and have been talking about other options with my husband. I feel like this just isn't the way it should be working. My doctor seems hesitant to take out any fill because he is worried I will gain weight. I am still 22 lbs up from my lowest low.

Life, however, is just life as usual. I am enjoying all other things my life has to offer. I am more concerned with health than weight at this time... thought i would like to get back down to my low.

Anyway, best to all of you!