Friday, June 28, 2013

Week 23 Weigh In

Down 60!  Finally!  74 lbs from my highest.  I took updated photos today and will post them later.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation, Sickness, and Zero Weight Loss

I am sure you all noticed (actually probably no-one noticed) that I didn't weigh in last week.  I had a good reason.  I was out of town visiting my parents who live 8+ hour away.  I had a nice 9 day vacation, gained about 1 lb, got sick as soon as I returned, and have been dealing with this ickness since.

My parents live on a lake in the upper part of Michigan.  It is beautiful and tranquil and relaxing.  My mom is a fantastic cook and baker and she insists on making many wonderful foods when we visit.  She baked 3 pies, made homemade brats, and chicken pot pie.  It was all tasty and I over indulged a few days but my sleeve really doesn't allow me to get too carried away.  Honestly I expected my weight gain to be much worse when I got home but it was only about a pound. 

I am suffering from some miserable cold now and I have been drinking my weight in orange juice daily.  It isn't really helping the weight loss I am sure, but it makes me feel better and I am desperate to get back to healthy.  Because of my sleeve procedure in January, I used all my sick time for the year.  I have a small bit of vacation time left, but I want to use it for vacation and not for sickness so I have struggling through work.  I finally feel semi human today.  I am sure my co-workers love being around my hacking snotty self.

On the weight loss from, I have a family reunion coming up in August and I would like to lose another 10 lbs by then but that could be a stretch.  I would like to at least get into the 170's, even if that means 179! 

Look for my amazing (probably not) weigh in coming Friday.  Happy Hump Day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 21 Weigh In

Down another 1 lb this week. I was hoping to hit the big 60 down but I missed by 1 lb.. actually a little less than one lb. It is a beautiful day in Michigan, and I am off for the next 9 days. I need a break from work so bad.

I took out a bunch of clothes I had packed away when I gained weight, I fit in so many of them and it felt great. I also have a bunch more in the next 2 sizes down. It is nice to have clothes I like to "slim into". It is also nice not to have to spend a bunch of money on clothes on my way down.

I have been contemplating more ways to get in activity... I just haven't been enjoying any of the exercise I have been doing. Even walking is just too boring. I need something new.

Have a great weekend everyone! I know I will.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Week 20 Weigh In

Week 20 was a good week for me.  I dropped another 2 lbs and finally got into the 180's.  188 today to be exact.  I am also 2 lbs away from the big 60 lb mark.  I am hoping in the next week I can make that milestone.  I am 72 lbs down from my highest and that feels really good.  This week is the first week I really started feeling good in my clothes again.  I am not the worlds hottest babe, but I do look healthy and feel good and I think it shows.  I have also accepted the reality that my weight loss is going to be slower from this point on.  It seems like it started to slow a month ago and I really have to work for the losses.  I had hoped to be in the 160's by August but I just don't see that happening.  That is okay though... now i am aiming for 170's and I would like to be at my goal by my 1 year.  If I lose 1 lb a week for the next 32 weeks, I would be 156 lb by my 1 year.  I would be thrilled with that, it would be 103 lbs from my highest weight.  My ultimate goal is 145, but I am not sure how reasonable that really is.

In other news, I am going to the Package Tour concert tomorrow night with a high school friend.  It is New Kids On The Block, BoysIIMen, and 98 Degrees.  It is pretty much my middle school dream being realized in my 30's.  I think it is going to be a good time.  The friend I am going with lives 8 hours away and we don't see each other often, I am looking forward to spending time with her.

I hope you all have a great weekend!