Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation, Sickness, and Zero Weight Loss

I am sure you all noticed (actually probably no-one noticed) that I didn't weigh in last week.  I had a good reason.  I was out of town visiting my parents who live 8+ hour away.  I had a nice 9 day vacation, gained about 1 lb, got sick as soon as I returned, and have been dealing with this ickness since.

My parents live on a lake in the upper part of Michigan.  It is beautiful and tranquil and relaxing.  My mom is a fantastic cook and baker and she insists on making many wonderful foods when we visit.  She baked 3 pies, made homemade brats, and chicken pot pie.  It was all tasty and I over indulged a few days but my sleeve really doesn't allow me to get too carried away.  Honestly I expected my weight gain to be much worse when I got home but it was only about a pound. 

I am suffering from some miserable cold now and I have been drinking my weight in orange juice daily.  It isn't really helping the weight loss I am sure, but it makes me feel better and I am desperate to get back to healthy.  Because of my sleeve procedure in January, I used all my sick time for the year.  I have a small bit of vacation time left, but I want to use it for vacation and not for sickness so I have struggling through work.  I finally feel semi human today.  I am sure my co-workers love being around my hacking snotty self.

On the weight loss from, I have a family reunion coming up in August and I would like to lose another 10 lbs by then but that could be a stretch.  I would like to at least get into the 170's, even if that means 179! 

Look for my amazing (probably not) weigh in coming Friday.  Happy Hump Day!


Linda Sherwood said...

I hope you are feeling better! I just went to Indiana for a few days, and I have been sick since I've returned.

I live in the northern part of lower Michigan (near Houghton Lake). You came when we have beautiful weather. It has been cold until just the last few weeks.

Beth Ann said...

Homemade brats? OMG.

Feel better soon!