Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back Pain Update

So, I appreciate all the great advice and kind words from you all.  Let me start by saying... I have tried many things.  Chiropractor (tons), Decompression Therapy, Light Therapy, I bought an inversion table and used it many times a day, drugs, steroid injection, physical therapy, and more.

The injection gave me absolutely no relief and may have actually made the pain a little worse.  After going back to the pain management doctor and talking about options, he went over my MRI with me.  I have a true rupture that is very substantial.  He called it gargantuan.  I met with a neurosurgeon.  He also said the rupture is just too large and too far gone for anything but surgery to work.

I feel like I gave it the college try.  It has been almost 4 months and I can't live like this anymore.  A week from Thursday (2/12) I will be having a microdiscectomy.  As far as back surgeries go, it is fairly easy.  It will be out patient but the recovery will be hard for me since I will be so restricted.  I will go back to work after 4 weeks off.

I can't believe I am having surgery again.  But, I feel positive that I can finally get some relief and get on with my life.