Saturday, August 23, 2014

Update, Struggling, Being Honest

Barb is calling out all bandsters to update and reach out if needed.  I am no longer banded since I had my revision to sleeve in 2013.  Let's be real for a minute.  I feel like I am failing.  When I was banded in 2009 I was 260 lbs.  When I had my band removed in 2012 I was 199 lbs.  I then had to gain enough weight to qualify for a sleeve.  It was way too easy and by the time my sleeve surgery rolled around I was 246 lbs.  Today I am 189 lbs.  I am struggling to not plop over the 190 mark.  My sleeve has really gotten much less restrictive and I can eat almost anything.  The summer has been so much fun.  My husband and I have taken multiple vacations and eaten like we are on vacation every day.  There is so much dessert! 

My husband went for his physical recently and was told he needed to lose weight and clean up his eating because his cholesterol was sky high.  He has never really had a weight problem and now only carries around an extra 20 lbs.  We decided we would join weight watchers online and follow it together.  In theory this sounds like a great plan.  It is much harder in reality.  He gets 42 points a day and I get 29.  I am HUNGRY.  I WANT ice cream.  Some days are better than others, some are terrible.  Sometimes I lose complete control and eat a handful of chocolate chips.  But, I am trying and I know it is time to get serious for both our health.  My husband is also struggling.  He likes to eat out and loves beer.  He is realizing how hard it is to eat out and have enough points to be satisfied. 

The good news is that I haven't given up.  I am going to keep on trying and making improvements every day.  I am also going to try to update my blog at least once a week.