Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 14 Weigh In

Week 14 has treated me well, though I worked for every ounce of loss.  I lost 3 lbs this week for a total of 48 down.  Hopefully I can make it an even 50 next week!  I am also weighing in at 198 which brings me firmly below the 200 mark.  I am officially back to the weight I was when I had my band removed in July (actually 1 lb less).  I was 100% on track this week and counted each and every calorie and made some hard food choices.  I also stuck to my exercise plan.  If only I was this good all the time!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


You know what we always say... The more weight we lose the blonder we get!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 13 Weigh In

This week I lost 0 lbs!  No loss... in fact, I may have gained 2 ounces, but I am not recording that.  After my last loss of 4 lbs I am not terrible shocked but I am hopeful I will return to my normal losing next week.  I really need a haircut and will getting one later this week, maybe I will lose a lb or so of hair. 

It is finally starting to look like spring here in MI and it does wonders for my mood.  I am hoping it will inspire me to get out and do more outside activity.  Exercising inside is something I pretty much dread.

Take care all!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 12 Weigh In

I had a great week for weight loss!  I am not sure how it happened but I lost 4 lbs this week and I actually made my 12 week goal of 45 lbs lost!  I have now lost more than I have left to lose to meet my first goal weight.  I am also down 44% of my excess weight.  I am so close to 50%.  I am also very near to the magical 199 (201 today) and back to weight I was when I had my Lap Band removed last July.  My plan for the next 3 months is to lose an additional 25 lbs.  I would love to lose more but I think that would be very reasonable.  I would like to meet my goal of 160 by my birthday which is October 29th.  I would love to be down to 145 by my 1 year anniversary (though I am doubtful and dreaming).

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

From Lap Band to Sleeve, some things never change

I am nearly (tomorrow) 12 weeks out from my sleeve.  I am noticing lots of similarities with my sleeve and my prior Lap Band.  One of the strangest things I am noticing is that my sleeve tightens up during pms just like my Lap Band did.  I think this is very strange... for some reason it made sense with my Lap Band, but with my sleeve... it is still just my own stomach.  I noticed this week that eating has been slower and more difficult.  I get really bad reflux if I eat one too many bites, normally that would never happen.  I also notice that I am a lot more hungry during my period and days before much like with the band.  It is legit real hunger, not head hunger.

I also notice a somewhat similar feeling when I eat too much.  I get this tight chest stabbing pain.  The difference now is that it doesn't last very long and I am not likely to throw up, which I was with the band.  I have thrown up once since I have been sleeved.  It was unpleasant but very fast.

Some things are very different though.  First off I love my sleeve, I never really loved my band.  I can eat pretty much anything just within reason, something I couldn't have done with my band.  I had a whole list of off limit foods, one being salad.  Now I live off of salad and raw fruits and veggies.

I also had instant restriction.  I never had good restriction with my band.  I was either too tight or had nothing.  It has been a delight to have just the right amount of restriction.  I don't think I stay full quite as long though.  I really need to eat every 3-4 hours and eat good quality foods. 

One other thing that is different, sweets sometimes make me sick.  This NEVER happened before.  I ate a snickers bar one day and got super nauseous.  My mouth was watering and I felt horrible.  I am not sure why this happened, it may have been the amount of sugar I ate.  It is really hit and miss.  I may just be more sensitive after cutting back on sugar.  I still eat sweets, I had a piece of pie on Easter and had no problem with that.  I eat a cookie here and there and have no issues.  Ice cream can give me trouble, but most of time its perfectly fine.  Another weird thing is that I am WAY more sensitive to smells.

I am so extremely delighted with my sleeve.  It was most certainly the right decision for me.  It is all the things I wanted my band to be.  The band just didn't work out for me.  I am so happy for those who have worked with their band and had great success.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 11 Weigh In

I squeaked by with a 1 lb loss this week, and I am thrilled.  Not only did I not eat well, I also didn't get in much activity.  My husband is a teacher and he is on spring break this week.  I took a vacation day Monday and we spent the long weekend running around and doing "fun" stuff including eating out and drinking.  We did do a decent amount of walking outside but made up for it with drinks!   On Easter I had pie and some other junk.  Obviously, my sleeve saves me from really binging but I can still get in fatty calorie laden foods like pie.  I thought I might have a gain this week but lucky for me, I was able to still lose.  I am also getting close to the half way point of my first goal which is exciting.  I am down 41lbs and have 45 lbs until my first goal!  I really wanted to be down 45 lbs by my week 12 so I would need to lose 4 lbs this week.  It is unlikey, but I am going to give it my all!