Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Week 12 Weigh In

I had a great week for weight loss!  I am not sure how it happened but I lost 4 lbs this week and I actually made my 12 week goal of 45 lbs lost!  I have now lost more than I have left to lose to meet my first goal weight.  I am also down 44% of my excess weight.  I am so close to 50%.  I am also very near to the magical 199 (201 today) and back to weight I was when I had my Lap Band removed last July.  My plan for the next 3 months is to lose an additional 25 lbs.  I would love to lose more but I think that would be very reasonable.  I would like to meet my goal of 160 by my birthday which is October 29th.  I would love to be down to 145 by my 1 year anniversary (though I am doubtful and dreaming).


TracyZ said...

Yay!! You are doing so great with the sleeve :)

Angie Cummings said...

I'm totally going back and re-reading all the posts I've missed but girrrrl - you're doing so well, I'm so sorry you had to deal with all the surgery craziness but you're getting through it so well - and I'm only up to date to April so far!

Anyways, long-winded comment, but we have the same birthday (which I'm pretty sure we already knew ;)) and when I was losing, it was my goal 2 years post-band to be 160 by oct 29th... and I got there! I bet you can too :)