Tuesday, April 9, 2013

From Lap Band to Sleeve, some things never change

I am nearly (tomorrow) 12 weeks out from my sleeve.  I am noticing lots of similarities with my sleeve and my prior Lap Band.  One of the strangest things I am noticing is that my sleeve tightens up during pms just like my Lap Band did.  I think this is very strange... for some reason it made sense with my Lap Band, but with my sleeve... it is still just my own stomach.  I noticed this week that eating has been slower and more difficult.  I get really bad reflux if I eat one too many bites, normally that would never happen.  I also notice that I am a lot more hungry during my period and days before much like with the band.  It is legit real hunger, not head hunger.

I also notice a somewhat similar feeling when I eat too much.  I get this tight chest stabbing pain.  The difference now is that it doesn't last very long and I am not likely to throw up, which I was with the band.  I have thrown up once since I have been sleeved.  It was unpleasant but very fast.

Some things are very different though.  First off I love my sleeve, I never really loved my band.  I can eat pretty much anything just within reason, something I couldn't have done with my band.  I had a whole list of off limit foods, one being salad.  Now I live off of salad and raw fruits and veggies.

I also had instant restriction.  I never had good restriction with my band.  I was either too tight or had nothing.  It has been a delight to have just the right amount of restriction.  I don't think I stay full quite as long though.  I really need to eat every 3-4 hours and eat good quality foods. 

One other thing that is different, sweets sometimes make me sick.  This NEVER happened before.  I ate a snickers bar one day and got super nauseous.  My mouth was watering and I felt horrible.  I am not sure why this happened, it may have been the amount of sugar I ate.  It is really hit and miss.  I may just be more sensitive after cutting back on sugar.  I still eat sweets, I had a piece of pie on Easter and had no problem with that.  I eat a cookie here and there and have no issues.  Ice cream can give me trouble, but most of time its perfectly fine.  Another weird thing is that I am WAY more sensitive to smells.

I am so extremely delighted with my sleeve.  It was most certainly the right decision for me.  It is all the things I wanted my band to be.  The band just didn't work out for me.  I am so happy for those who have worked with their band and had great success.

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