Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Follow-Up Finally.

I had my one month follow-up today... a little late as tomorrow I will be 6 weeks.  All went well and he was very happy with my weight loss.  I had no complaints so my visit with the surgeon was brief.  I did want to talk to the dietitian to ask a few questions. 

My doctor's office is different from most in that they don't really tell me to count carbs and they are not a fan of super low calories.  Today I was told I need to eat more.  The dietitian said I need to be getting 900 calories a day at this point.  She said the only other thing I need to worry about is getting 60-80 grams of protein and drinking lots of water.  I am not going to lie, I am relieved to hear she wants me to eat more.  I really have no problem getting 900 calories in throughout the day.  I had been sticking to 600-800 and my loss wasn't as impressive as it had been when I was eating 1000-1200 my first few months after my Lap Band.

I am also happy that they feel carbs are important and long as I am getting in my protein they want me supplementing with fruits and veggies and other good for me things.  I want a balanced diet (as balanced as 900 calories can be).  I will be interested to see how this impacts my next week of weight loss.  Anyway, I will weigh in tomorrow and update the old ticker.

We are getting some really crappy weather here in MI... and I am tired from working all weekend.  I am already waiting for the weekend!

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