Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 26/ 6 monthish update

Today is my 26th week weigh in.  I lost zero.  The funny thing about this is that this week was my most stellar week since my first month post op.  I ate perfectly on plan, exercised hardcore, and was on top of my water.  And, I lost nothing.  I am not really upset about it because I know my work will show up down the road and I feel really good about what I did.  I plan on sticking to it and seeing a drop next week. 

I also hit my 6 month post sleeve mark this week.  I am pleased with my 62 lb loss and my 61% excess weight lost in the past 6 months (66% excess weight lost since being banded).  I enjoy life so much more at this weight than I did when I was 259 lbs.. or even 200 lbs.  Every 5 or ten lbs lost makes such a big difference on my ability to do things... walk longer, run faster, climb higher, and just feel better.  I plan on hitting my short term goal of 160 lbs by my one year mark.  That would mean that I need to average 4 lbs a month for the next 6 months.  After I hit that goal I will revisit my long term final goal.  I know I should shoot for a healthy bmi, but that would 145 and I just don't look healthy at that weight.  Anyway, I will decide that later.

Have a good weekend all!

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Sheila said...

Amazing attitude! That is tough to do when the scale Gods do not reward us for our hard work. You are so right about being able to do more as you lose more. Congrats on your loss and your 6th months!rtnLac 382