Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Sleeve is a Strange Animal

So... I lost my motivation, and then I found it again, and then I lost it for a couple of days and then I found it again.  I am trying to string together enough days of motivation to start making a difference.  My anxiety has been through the roof lately, and I just don't handle eating well when I am in a place of panic.  It becomes the least important thing to me even though I know eating well improves my anxiety. 

I have had chronic anxiety my whole life... and I am on meds which help a lot.  Lately I am wondering if I need my dose upped.  Anyway, I am not looking for sympathy or excuses.  I just want to keep it real.

On to my sleeve story.  In January I will be two years out from my sleeve surgery.  I had a band for nearly 3 years before that and felt like I had a pretty good handle on the basics of eating post weight loss surgery.  Today, I was eating dinner at work (I work until 9) and I was eating some plain baked chicken (forgot the bbq sauce) and brown rice and some carrots.  I was eating at a fairly good clip because I had lots of stuff to get done.  I do this often and it is never a problem.  Well after I finished eating I was sitting at my desk working on stuff and I started to feel really nauseous..  Then I started having stomach pain.  I can't tell you how long it has been since I have been "stuck".  For God sake, I can easily eat 2 pieces of pizza while driving if I want to with no issues.  After about a half an hour it was getting worse and I knew I was going to puke.  I bet it has been a year since I have puked from a sleeve related reason.

After I thought about it, all the food I ate was really dry.  Also rice could potentially be a problem sometimes but hasn't been for months.  I got cocky, and I pushed my stomach... and I paid.  My misdeeds have been noted.  Hopefully I won't do the whole puking thing for a long time.


Tracey said...

I bet anxiety effects your stomach pouch's motility. You know how you sometimes feel like there's a "a lump in your throat" with anxiety or grief? I bet that's caused by a low grade spasm in the esophagus or stomach so .... It makes sense that in a perfect storm of eating fast, dry food and anxiety that you might overwhelm your pouch. My revision surgery is Nov 24! 2 pizzas of pizza, really?

Beth Ann said...

It has been like five years and still every once in a while I will have a band issue out of nowhere. Craziness!

Manda said...

I think Tracey is right, I know with the band... if I had anxiety, my stomach near the esophagus would knot up so bad. It sucked.

I just got my revision from the band to the sleeve on November 4th. I was thinking you were having one of those dumping type of things I've heard of. Uggh, I hate nausea and vomiting. I could deal with getting stuck with the band and spitting it back up. But nausea is another thing.

Sorry to hear of this. I hope you feel better. I think something like that would make me watch things next time. Lol.