Friday, May 16, 2008

My first bout of cheating....

It has happened. First I went out of town to babysit my nieces and nephew and ate pizza, cookies, and a cinnamon roll.... Then I went out of town for 3 days for a work conference. I really had minimal control of my eating there and it freaked me out. I brought a lot of my own food and tried my hardest. I still ended up eating plenty of bad things and drinking wine. When I got back I weighed in. I hadn't lost from my previous weigh in but I hadn't gained either. It felt pretty good. I was at 213.8. Today I weighed in at 212. I am down 32 lbs and feel like I have overcome the fear of falling off the wagon and not being able to get back on. I still have lots of trouble with self control but I am making progress. I decided to try the MWLC booster shots today. It is a B vitamin cocktail that is injected into your hip. It was EXTREMELY painful!! I am now waiting for the fantastic results.

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