Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, I have been going through all the required testing and bull shit required by my PCP. The last thing I had to do was have a stress test (ordered by the cardiologist who was referred by my PCP). I had that on Tuesday. My results have been sent to the PCP office and I have a follow up appointment with the cardiologist on Friday to have him sign my medical clearance. So... you would think all was well... which I did.... until last night. My doctor was supposed to fill out a form stating that she would continue to treat me and support me through my lap band and fill out this form about rounding at the hospital I am having my Lap Band at. Well, the doctors office calls me last night and tells me they have a letter ready for me to pick up. I am thinking this must be the form... so I get to the office, get the letter, and open it. The first line says, "This is not a letter of support or a referral. What the hell?! Why would she even write that. She has never told me this surgery was a bad idea of that it was something she wouldn't support.

I faxed it over to the surgeons office and my coordinator called me back right away and asked what that letter was about. I told her I had no idea. Obviously that won't work... so I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow. She needs to either commit to filling out the form or not. This is the last step to get my surgery date and I am ready to get this show on the road!

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