Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting closer...

So, the pre-op diet is no longer liberating nor entirely miserable. I am not enjoying it but it just "is" now. I don't feel hungry, but feel left out that I can't eat what others are. This proccess has made it incredibly obvious how much of a mental problem this really is. I have been going through a period of morning, as well as some questioning. I know this is the right decision, the only decision, but wow... letting go of this life is tough. I am down about 8 pounds, and that makes me very happy. My husband has been extremely wonderful. He doesn't eat anything in front of me and plans on following my meal plan right a long side of me.

One more day of waiting, tomorrow is strictly liquids, no cream of wheat or pudding, not that I really mind. I can't eat much of that stuff anymore.... too gross! I am also including a before photo (sort of) I had my husband take this photo before my last round of dieting. I think I was about 5 lbs lighter... so close enough. I don't generally look that miserable!

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