Saturday, September 12, 2009

A whole country ham

So, I have successfully made it through 10 days with my Lap Band. I am down 16lbs, which apparently is the weight of that whole country ham. I am feeling really good and am back to work today. I am yet to have any real eating issues and I get relatively full fast.

I did have some post surgery pain on my left said under my ribs but really not much else. From day 2 I was able to sleep on my stomach. I am just not a back or side sleeper so I quickly tested my limits.

I had my first post-op visit with Dr. Katz yesterday and all was great. He said I am doing fantastic. Speaking of Dr. Katz, I have to say, I love him. He is kind of quiet but is very sweet and caring. He really wants his patients to succeed.

I really don't have too much to add, other then, I am hanging tough. Today I will be eating my normal which is a slim fast low carb shake for breakfast, another slim fast for lunch with a half a cup of mashed potatoes, a half a cup of cottage cheese for dinner, and maybe a light yogurt if I am still hungry. I am trying to get in all my water, but that is tough.

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