Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One month with Clarence

Today marks the one month anniversary of my band. My husband kindly named my band "Clarence" shortly after my surgery. I like the name...some how it fits. So at the one month point I feel good. I am not sure if my weight has changed at all but I will weigh myself on Friday. All in all, 4 weeks out and 1 week pre-op, I feel good about my 22 lb loss. I feel healthier and stronger now. I work out 5-6 days a week and am proud of the changes I have made. I am looking forward to my first fill which will happen October 20th.

I am still staying full for quite a while but I still have cravings and deal with the emotional side of eating. When I got dressed this morning my pants felt loose and I feel like I look better in my clothes. I am not technically in a smaller size yet but I can start wearing some things that weren't fitting pre-op. I am very happy with my band and the success Clarence and I have had together.

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A Nawlinz Lady said...

Happy First Month Bandiversary! I was banded on 09/15 and will not have my first fill until Nov 2nd, seems a long way :)