Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday morning, and a new week

Happy Monday morning all. First off, I had some of that Weight Control instant oatmeal this morning and it was so gross. I hate the texture of that stuff. I had instant oatmeal in the past and remembered not liking it but I thought I could suck it up. Wrong, I got through 1/3 of it and was too grossed out to continue. O well.... save me some calories! I had a fantastic Sunday yesterday. I kickboxed in the morning for about 45 minutes and later that evening we took the dog to the park and walked for an hour and a half. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to be outside.

We also visited my husbands family yesterday and for the first time since my surgery....... I had pie. I had a tiny tiny piece of chocolate cream pie and O MY GOD. It tasted so good. I was satisfied with the little piece and was happy I was able to join in and have some and not feel deprived. I am technically not supposed to have that stuff yet but I wanted it so bad and I didn't want to not have it and resent my band.

I felt in control for once, what a great feeling!

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Gen said...

LOL I read this with bowl of Weight Control oatmeal in hand. I must be weird, because I actually like it. I always add berries.