Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pizza, and other distractions

So, as part of my job as a teen services librarian I lead teen book discussions. I had one today at 4 o'clock. I always order pizza for the book group and did so today. It smelled amazing! It looked delightful. But... it didn't make me sad that I couldn't eat it. I am not sure if that was because I knew I had my own dinner, one that looked delicious, or that I just really didn't want it that bad. I successfully avoided it, even the left overs. I had a great time with the book group and left the discussion feeling good.

In other news, I saw my therapist today. I talked to him about my food issues I am currently dealing with, as well as stress from family, work, and friends. It felt so good to just vent. He also said he feels I am doing a really great job coping with my new way of eating.

Tomorrow I weigh in... hope I lost something!!

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