Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, my first real food day

So, yesterday was a sad day. There was a murder suicide at my place of employment. It was a domestic dispute and it just happened to take place in our parking lot. It was very sad and traumatic for everyone involved. We ended up closing for the day but are back to the grind today. We do have councilors on site for anyone to talk to. Normally a day like this would have driven me to eat. However, yesterday that was not the case. In fact, almost the opposite happened. I realized how much more important other things are than food. I guess that was a success for me.

So, today is my first day on real food, sort of. I still can't eat grain products or raw fruits or veggies and red meat is out for 6 months. But I can have meat, fish, cooked veggies, and mushy fruits. I put some pork chops in the crock put this morning and excited to be able to eat with my husband again (he and I have been making our own dinners).

I have been exercising regularly and have been feelings really good. I still love my band and am looking forward to my first fill on October 20th.

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Gen said...

Real food is such a pleasure! Let us know how those chops work out, sounds yummy.