Thursday, February 10, 2011


I don't know if I have ever said this before, but I really don't like kids that much. They are fine when they are just around but I hate holding people's babies and I don't think toddlers are charming. I am just not a kid person... now teenagers, I adore... but I LOVE animals. This is Cooper, a friends new Morkie puppy (Maltese and Yorkie). He is very sweet and I held him all through the Super Bowl (when I wasn't stuffing my face).

I ate my lunch way too fast today because I had a meeting that I needed to get to. Half way through my meeting I got a stomach ache... bad stomach ache but nothing else. By the time the meeting was over my mouth was watering. 10 minutes later... spew. Not ideal, now I am hoping I can get down the dinner I brought with me to work tonight. I will have to be very careful and eat slow. But here's the problem.... I am STARVING!

No other news here, I am off tomorrow because I work Saturday. All my work pants are officially too big again. I need to buy new ones tomorrow. It could be painful, I don't really like shopping when I HAVE to get something.


LDswims said...

So cute!! I'd hold him, too!

Yikes, that sucks. I hope you are able to eat something soon.

And I hope you find pants that you like easily!

amandakiska said...

Yeah for needing smaller clothes!

Boo for nasty PBs!

I didn't like children either until I had some. Now I like my own very much and I tolerate other people's ~ lol. But really, not everyone becomes a parent. There's nothing wrong with that!

That puppy is A-DOR-A-BLE!