Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yesterday was great, but today feels better.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I ate whatever I wanted, had an amazing dinner date with my husband (who sent me flowers at work) and slept so good last night. But you know what... today has been even better. I got up this morning, hoped on the treadmill and ran a few miles. I ate a healthy lunch and packed a healthy dinner and snack for work and headed out the door.

And what feels really great about this all is that, this is just my life. Yeah, I ate whatever crap I wanted to yesterday, and yeah today I did what was natural and made good food choices and got some exercise. That is the life I lead, and I am good at. I feel happy, healthy, and in control and part of that control is knowing when it is okay to say yes to that Cold Stone. Today is not the day, but yesterday was, and maybe sometime in the next couple months I will say yes again.

It took me nearly a year and a half with the band to finally figure that out.


tessierose said...

That's a great place to be!!!

Barbara said...

Your post made me smile.
Happiness in life is the goal