Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Same song different day..

So, I have been on and off the wagon lately. There is no question that I need a fill. My new norm has been a giant salad (4 cups lettuce, .5 cup chicken, and a bunch of other veg). I, however, am not able to get in for a fill until September 1st. I am about 15 lbs up from my very lowest low that I saw for a blink. My band has been empty, or nearly empty, for about 4 months now. Honestly, I am pleased I haven't gained more weight. I am hungry all the time! I am working to make good decision. I would like to get that 15 lbs off by my next fill, though I doubt it will happen.

I forgot how hard it is when you are really hungry and just don't get full. We have also had some recent family drama. My husband's grandmother passed away last month. He was extremely close to her, doesn't have a relationship with his mom (grandma is mom's mom) which has continued to cause drama. We also inherited her two cats. We are now a family of 5 cats and 1 dog. Here is a picture of our two newest additions (Buddy in front and Butler on the next step up, you can also see Capone in the background looking the wrong way).

None of this stuff is a good excuse for a 15 lbs gain... and I would like to fit into my very smallest pants again. So... onward and downward (on the scale) I go!


Amy W. said...

Well you see....I have come to the conclusion that basically, a fill will not help me. I mean, unless my doc fills me so tight (ooh...that sounded dirty) that I can only eat liquids for the rest of my life. I am so off track right now. BLAH. kajbfdhflkjflkdfj;alskfj df blah.

Catherine55 said...

Good for you for striving to keep the weight off when you don't have a fill. I can't understand why your doctor is making you wait so long to get in. I wonder if you could just call up and beg.. or show up and beg .. to get one earlier. Hang in there. I'm sorry to hear about your DH's grandmother.