Friday, October 11, 2013

Nearing Month 9

I am coming up on my 9 month sleeve post-op-aversary.  I had another good loss this week.  I am down another 2 lbs.  I am down 72 lbs in nine months, and 85 from my highest pre-band weight.  That is an average of 8 lbs per month.  This last month I have lost 6 lbs and I am thrilled with that!  I also hit another exciting milestone today.  My BMI is officially under 30 and I am no longer obese and am just plain old overweight.  In the next 3 months I would love to lose another 10 lbs.  That should be doable, and would bring me 5 lbs from my goal.

I am so happy with my sleeve and the freedom it allows me.  I am so pleased with the life I am leading.  I still have days where I get so frustrated and realize how hard weight loss really is, but I think I am understanding how my body works (for now).

Happy weekend!


Jen said...

Congratulations! You are doing awesome and it has been great to be able to follow along with you, I kinda knew more about what I should expect once I got my sleeve. Yay sleeves!

TracyZ said...

Congrats!! You are getting so close to goal! 15 pounds is nothing compared to the 80+ you've already lost. You're a rockstar!