Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, I have been going through all the required testing and bull shit required by my PCP. The last thing I had to do was have a stress test (ordered by the cardiologist who was referred by my PCP). I had that on Tuesday. My results have been sent to the PCP office and I have a follow up appointment with the cardiologist on Friday to have him sign my medical clearance. So... you would think all was well... which I did.... until last night. My doctor was supposed to fill out a form stating that she would continue to treat me and support me through my lap band and fill out this form about rounding at the hospital I am having my Lap Band at. Well, the doctors office calls me last night and tells me they have a letter ready for me to pick up. I am thinking this must be the form... so I get to the office, get the letter, and open it. The first line says, "This is not a letter of support or a referral. What the hell?! Why would she even write that. She has never told me this surgery was a bad idea of that it was something she wouldn't support.

I faxed it over to the surgeons office and my coordinator called me back right away and asked what that letter was about. I told her I had no idea. Obviously that won't work... so I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow. She needs to either commit to filling out the form or not. This is the last step to get my surgery date and I am ready to get this show on the road!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Update for today

So, I saw the family practice doctor on Thursday to have her fill out all the paper work for the surgeon. I needed surgical clearance as well and a referral letter. I have been talking to the doctor for some time now about this... I am not sure if she thinks Lap Band is a cop out or if she is just really that cautious. She wouldn't give me clearance until I saw the cardiologist. Fortunately, the cardiologist works out of the same office and was able to see me on Friday. The down side is that he decided it would be good for me to have a stress test so that I would have a good base line to compare my future results too. Fine... whatever... the bad part was that they couldn't get me in until August 10th. So... this pushes back everything. I was really upset about it on my way home, but then I started thinking, this will give me more time to recover from my pilonidial cystectomy. I will also be able to enjoy my summer and travel as planned, and it is good to have all these tests done. So, as of now I am dealing with it. I am thinking I will call to see if there are any cancellations so I can get in earlier though.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So, I have had my psych eval and am now waiting for my results to be sent. I also met with my family doctor and talked to her. Then on the 14th I met with Dr. Katz. He is for sure a surgeon! I feel so comfortable with St Johns Bariatric Center. Everyone was amazing there! My consultation was surprisingly pleasant, mainly because I found out my insurance dropped all the diet requirements last January. So... I just need surgical clearance, my psych eval, and a form filled out by my family practice doctor. The down side to this meeting was that I also found out I will need to give myself injections for a week after surgery. Yikes. I am hoping to have my surgery by the end of September. Here's hoping!