Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Okay... first of all.. yesterday was my 11 month bandiversary. I feel like I have learned a ton in the last 11 months and that my band has just become part of my life.. not my entire life. It was clearly a fantastic decision and I would do it again in a heart beat... however, I still find myself perplexed some times.

I feel like I am incredibly tight all the sudden. I have major gurgle when I eat my yogurt for breakfast and can only eat 3 or so bites of solid protein at lunch before I get that pain between my shoulders. Dinner is a bit better, I can probably eat 6 bites of solid protein. I have been experimenting with foods and it seems like most things work the same way. I have had some issues with pbs (last week is was like every other day but it was also my period) but since then, not really. I just worry that I will not be able to get enough protein in during the day and I really don't want to have to drink my protein.

So... I see my doctor on Thursday and I am now wondering if I need a small unfill. Or... do I stick it out? It has been nearly a month since my last fill and I felt perfect for the first two weeks.. then I had my period.. got really tight and had lots of trouble. Now I am having less pb issues but still feel tight. I need some advice!!

What do I do?!


amandakiska said...

I tend to prefer my band to be a bit loose. I like to be able to eat pretty much anything without issue. So from my perspective, a small un-fill might be in order. My feeling is that the band is designed to work best with solid foods.

However you should probably do liquids for 24 hours or so and then mushies for another 24 hours or so first since you've had some PB issues. You could be tight from swelling from the PBs which would mean that once that swelling goes down (if you had an un-fill) you might be too loose.

Good luck!

Amy said...

I agree with Amanda - I'd do liquids for 24-48 hours to let your band rest and then reevaluate.

11 months - I love what you said about how it is part of your life. That's exactly what this is all about, isn't it???

Nella said...

Oh my, I am feeling the exact same way. Tighter than tight and my fill was May 6! 3 months ago! WTH???

Lap Band Gal said...

Rest your band a bit and do liquids..then regroup to see if you need an unfill

Sandy Lee said...

I had five weeks after my fill when I got really tight and needed a small unfill. Must admit it felt good but I still have restriction. Couldn't understand why it suddenly got tight. Even my doc was perplexed.