Monday, August 16, 2010

Sara Rue weight loss

I just read this article from People Magazine. She looks really great. I thought she was always beautiful and looks just as lovely now. I do wonder though... how will she keep this weight off? Will she continue on Jenny Craig forever? I believe I read, at one time, that she had always struggled with weight. I hope she is able to keep the weight off! I hope she continues to have a good relationship with food.


Ashley said...

She does look fantastic, but she always has!

TracyZ said...

I saw this in US Weekly and had that same thought...I've done Jenny and when you're eating Jenny, great! But it's what happens when you don't eat Jenny anymore that the challenge really begins. I hope she is successful...although she was just as beautiful before as she is now.

Kerri said...

She looks amazing but I think she was cute "before" too!