Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adjusting and thinking...

I was thinking about a post Amy W wrote about motivation. I looked back at my weight loss ticker history today and realized I have been bouncing up and down the same 7 lbs for 5 months. I lose the weight, I gain the weight, I lose the weight, gain... on and on. I started thinking about why I can't just kick this weight for good. Granted, I have had lots of problems in the last few months. I have been frustrated and hungry and struggling.

I am adjusting to my current band situation and seem to be doing okay. I can certainly eat more things now, but I still have to be really cautious with lunch choices. I am telling myself I really rededicating to get the rest of my weight off, but I am having a hard time believing it is true. I have said that so many times over the past 5 months. Part of the issue is that I think I am just enjoying living my life. I am very social, always have plans, and am not nearly as thoughtful with calories. This is terrible for weight loss, but great for life. I am also relatively happy at my current weight. I know I am still technically over weight and I can see that, but this is the thinnest I have been in a long time.. and I feel normal.

So why is it I want to lose the weight? Well, I want to finish what I started, I want to be healthier, I want to succeed. And, of course, I want to wear smaller clothes and be more confident in the summer.

Happy hump day all!

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