Monday, May 16, 2011

The results are in...

I saw my doctor on Friday for an Upper GI. He didn't see anything wrong with my band. He decided to look back at my 4 previous (yes 4) films from past Upper GIs and said everything looks identical from my first film 6 weeks after I was banded. However, my band is not acting the same way it has in the past with zero fill. It is all very odd. I still have pretty good restriction, I wouldn't say sweet spot, but it is certainly there. I still couldn't eat a sandwich or anything on a bun, however, I can eat a piece of bread with dinner if I am careful.

He doesn't know why my band is acting this way, but he also doesn't want to do anything else right now. He said if I have any pain or more issues to contact his right away but that he thinks it is just best to leave it right now. He said if I get to a point where I want a fill he will only do them under fluro from now on.

So... this is all a new challenge. Things that used to be difficult are no longer and things that were sliders are now sticking. I don't know what to think, but I am going to try to work with this and see if it is just stress or my own issues.

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