Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 years banded, and an update

I just recently passed my 2 year bandiversary (on September 2nd) and though it wasn't particularly spectacular, I still have some thoughts about that. First of all, this year has by far been much harder then the first. Mostly because I had lots of issues with my band, spent a good chunk of the year unfilled or partially filled, and am sitting about 10 lbs heavier then I was at this time last year.

With that said, I am still pretty pleased with my decision to have my band. I don't remember any other time in my life where I have kept off this amount of weight for this amount of time. I also think this 3rd year will be a charm. I am going in on Friday to get another fill that will hopefully get me near my sweet spot. I am looking forward to being on the losing end of the band game again.

This process hasn't been easy for me... but I still feel it has been a great success. I have overcome many challenges in the last couple years and plan to only continue on that path. My weight will always be a challenge, and food will always sing it's dirty little siren song. Now, I just have a little extra help in my back pocket. So.. here's to another even better banded year!

In other news, I had to cancel on BOOBS. My husband is a teacher, and in MI we are dealing with some really crappy contract situations. We are not certain what his final contract will look like, but it isn't looking very good. I am too nervous to spend money right now and this trip is just out of my reach at this time. I am sure those of you going will have a fantastic time and I wish I could be there!


Fluffy said...

Congrats on your two years! Sorry to hear that you won't be going to B00BS, but understandable given the circumstances. I hope that things workout in your husband's favor.

Ronnie said...

Sorry to hear you won't be joining us, and great job on two years under your belt. :)