Wednesday, September 14, 2011

33 lbs to go...

I have 33 lbs to lose to get to my goal. I would like to get to my goal by August of next year. That shouldn't be too hard right?! Yeah, right. Being that last year I pretty much lost nothingish. I am going for a fill tomorrow and hope some restriction is in my near future. Lately, it seems this has been a tricky thing. I am too tight or have very little restriction. I am having a hard time finding that happy medium.

I have no given up though. The most pleasing part of the band is that you can always start over and start working it. We all know half the battle is making the right choices, and that is something I only do some of the time. I have big plans for a big tattoo when I hit goal. I would think that would motivate me more.

Happy hump day!


Ronnie said...

This made me check out how much I have left - and I'm only 31.2 lbs to goal. How cool!

Wishing you luck for hitting it within the next year! :)

Amanda said...

you will for sure get there within a year! But don't be hard on yourself! :)Good luck with your fill!