Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I survived, my band was not so lucky

I had my band removed on Monday.  My surgeon said there was so much scar tissue and a pretty serious slip, he would have never been able to reband me even if that was the plan.  I am much much more sore than I was with my original surgery.  I came home yesterday and spent a lot of the day sleeping.  The drugs are keeping me sane at this point. 

I was not put on any post op diet and this has been the best part.  I ate chicken and rice last night and fruit salad.  It was amazing.  I forgot what it was like to eat real healthy food without wondering when I would puke. 

I go back to my surgeon a week from Friday to get started on the plan for part 2: The Sleeve.  He thinks it shouldn't be too hard to get it approved after seeing what a mess my band left.  Here's hoping.  The crappy part is that I will have to have another surgery and another recovery and take more time off of work.  Hopefully this will be my last weight loss surgery!

Happy July 4th all!!  I am feeling some serious independence today... from the satan's trap that was living inside me.  :)


Maria said...

Hope your feeling better soon! Scary stuff!

Barbara said...

hoping for a speedy recovery.. It sounds like your doctor will be a major influence on the insurance co. Best of luck.. rest up

Roo said...

Hope you are feeling better soon..and that you don't have to wait to long for the sleeve.

I am having my band removed in 12 days and looking forward to having some relief (i hope)...then onto the sleeve. It seems there is a bunch of us that are going to the other side!

Rest up!

Sarah G said...

Speedy recovery!

CeeJay said...

So scary. Your story makes me wonder what my own future with the band will be like. I wish you the best!!