Saturday, June 30, 2012

Monday at 9:45

I will be having my Lap Band removed forever.  Originally I had planned to have my Lap Band replaced, but after much discomfort and a long talk with my surgeon, it has been decided that keeping the band just isn't a good call for me.  My surgeons feel that I am only prolonging the issues and that 3 months, 6 months, or a year down the road, I will be right back here.  Let me say... I am releaved.  I have had such a bad year and a half with my band.  I am tired of my new kind of disfunctional eating.  I feel like I traded one eating disorder for another.

The new plan... get me the sleeve.  My surgeon is working on an appeal currently and he is confident we can make this happen.  It is just going to take a little time.  Though it is not ideal to have another surgery... I think it is better than trying to make the band work.  I am very much looking forward to Monday and putting this all behind me.  Hopefully my next surgery will be the begining of a very successful bariatric lifestyle. 

To those whom are working their bands, I wish it could have been me... but I am very happy for you!


Barbara said...

Good Luck Sweetie.. it will all work out...wishing you an easy recovery!!

FK said...

Good on you for being brave and getting it out... I was more relieved when mine came out... I am on the count down to the sleeve !!!xx

Ronnie said...

Honestly, that's the best choice. Once a band malfunctions, it's exponentially more likely it will again and again. Are you having your band taken out and being reverted to sleeve immediately, or are you having separate surgeries?