Monday, June 25, 2012

One More Week

One more week with my slip.  A week from today I will have my Lap Band taken out and a new one put in (hopefully).  There is a chance it could be such a mess that I won't be able to get a new band.  If that is the case... I don't know what I will do. 

Anyway, I have started my pre-op diet today.  Just like last time.  Full liquids for 5 days and clear liquids for two.  Though this isn't all that different from how I have been living.. I will have to stop with milkshakes, Starbucks and ice cream.  Hopefully I can drop a few pounds this week and get a jump start on things.

I am still so sad I was not able to revise to the sleeve.  However, I will make the best of my new band.  At one time I was not too far from 100 lbs lost.  Maybe I can actually make it to that 100 lb mark now.

Take care...


Lap Band Gal said...

I'll be thinking good thoughts for ya this upcoming week. Are you getting a Lap-Band or Realize band? Either way, I know you'll do AMAZING! :)

SuperMegaAnna said...

I am getting another Lap-Band. That is what my doctor uses... but he wants to give me a new band, though I am not sure why.