Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Put A Fork In Me

It is nearing 5 weeks since my slip was diagnosed.  I still can't eat food.  I puke a lot and have acid reflux pretty much always.  I puked on myself in my sleep the other night.  I am tired of calling the insurance office and advocating for myself with my doctors office.  I have decided I am just going ahead to get a new band.  My plan is to start saving up to self pay for a conversion down the road. 

In the mean time, I need a band to at least maintain my weight loss and hopefully lose more.  If for some reason my surgeon is unable to reband me.... I am screwed.  But at this point I am just willing to deal with what I am dealt. 

I still don't believe my insurance coordinator did what she was supposed to.  I still believe my insurance would cover the sleeve... but I don't have the energy to continue down puke road.

Happy Tuesday all!


Amy W. said...

I can't imagine. I was going to say 'insurance can be a nightmare" but I dont really know that...since I have not been through what you are going through, so I stopped myself. Cant they just take the fing thing out? Or do you need approval for that?

And...can you go to another doctor? One that would do what they need to do with the insurance people.

THis just sucks for you and I hate it.

Sarah G said...

I can not imagine being so miserable and having no relief in sight.

What is your insurance saying at this point? Are you just waiting for an answer still?


SuperMegaAnna said...

I should be getting a surgery date in the next day or two. I would expect I will have my band out and new band in a week from Fridayish. I can't wait. It has been hell.

I can't go to another surgeon without having to go through all the pre-op crap again and that would take even longer.