Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 10 and the big 4-0

Week 10 and I lost another 2 lbs which brings me to a total of 40 lbs down.  That is an average of 4 lbs per week, though I am most certainly not losing at that rate.  I am pretty much losing 2 lbs a week and I am okay with that.  This coming week has a lot of challenges.  Tonight I have a dinner that is work related, and though I would like to say I will stay 100% on plan, I won't.  The best part of my sleeve is that even if I over do it.. I can't really over do it.  Then on Friday we are going out with another couple to celebrate their newest rental property (drinking will happen) and then Sunday is Easter with my in laws.  Though I can't really over do one day, the extra junk and calories over a week do add up.  I am planning on upping my exercise so I don't have to feel so bad about indulging.

I do feel very different about my weight loss experience this time around.  With my Lap Band I wanted to get to goal as quickly as possible, this time I am much more realistic.  I would love to lose 100 lbs in 6 months... but I know I am not willing to live a "Biggest Loser" lifestyle to get there.  I would love to be 45 lbs down by my 3 month mark but that is only 2 weeks away and I just don't see that happening (but I will try).

I am also only 7 lbs from the weight I was when I had my Lap Band removed.  I was 199 that day.  I look forward to getting back down to 199 because I feel like all the weight I am losing now doesn't really count.  This was the weight I had to gain (plus a bonus 10) to qualify for my sleeve surgery.  I have 43 lbs to lose to be back at my lowest weight (163) post Lap Band.  That was a fleeting weight and I hope to not only get there but pass right by.  My current goal is 160 but I would love to be 145 just to say I am at a healthy BMI (I am 5'4").  If I could get to 145 by January 16th of next year I would be absolutely thrilled.  I am extremely skeptical it can ever happen but I am happy with the positive steps I am taking to long term good health.


Jen said...

you are really inspiring me as I approach my surgery date- thanks for keeping us posted on your progress, you are doing awesome!

TracyZ said...

You are doing so great! I have loved watching your progress with the sleeve. My losses have slowed some too, but it feels great all the same.

Keep up the great work - I know that there are a lot of our fellow bandsters that are evaluating the sleeve and bypass as their next steps so blogs like yours are important! :)

Sarah G said...

Keep up the great work!