Friday, September 13, 2013

Update/Weigh- In/Ugh

Got up this morning, stepped on the scale and expected big things.  Got a 1 lb loss.  This would have been fine for me if I hadn't spent the last week working my ass off and eating a perfectly glycemic friendly low cal diet.  I seriously thought I would at least drop a couple pounds... but no, just one.  I get it... It will show up, I can feel it in my clothes.  But damn-it!  I wanted to see it on the scale.  It doesn't help that I am 1 lb away from the 170's and I am so over the 180's.  O well, I will just keep plugging away.

It finally feels like fall here in Michigan.  I love fall.  It is my favorite season of the year.  I broke out a new sweater just to celebrate.  Now, I just have to stay away from the cider mills with their amazing pumpkin donuts!

Happy Friday.


Jen said...

Good job this week, I'm sure it will show on the scale soon, same has happened to me a couple of times. I'm super excited to be approaching the 170's as well!

TracyZ said...

I am jealous of you and Jen's foray into the 170s! It feels like things are moving so slowly with the scale that it will be a year before I am out of the 200s!

And you're right - if you're feeling it in your clothes, the scale will drop soon enough!

Sheila said...

OMGosh I *just* found and fell in love with Sugar Free Torani syrup...Pumpkin Pie. It's good in coffee, but I'm going to try using some in baking also. I think it's a "seasonal" flavor so it's only out for a little bit. I just found out that I *missed* out on their S'mores from summer. Aargh!