Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 31 Update

Week 31 has come and gone.  I did lose the last pound I gained on vacation.  It took me about two weeks to gain the weight and about that long to get it back off.  I am lucky I was able to lose that last pound because last week was full of eating.

Our "go-to couple" took us out to eat at Michael Symon's Roast which is amazing and pretty darn pricey.  We have only been there a handful of times because my husband and I are cheap and have a hard time spending $250 on a meal for the two of us.  But let me tell you, everything on the menu is incredible.  I had "the beast of the day" tacos which just happened to be suckling pig.  I also had some mac n'cheese and some fried brussel sprouts which I always dream about.  I also sampled everyone elses food.  There was much wine and even some dessert.  It was a great night for a foodie like me.

It is my husband's birthday Thursday as well as our anniversary.  It feels like we have been celebrating with friends and family for the past week and will continue to celebrate this week.  I am working on keeping portions small and making the best of each meal (making healthy choices).  On Thursday when we go out for our anniversary/birthday dinner all bets will be off.  We are going to a fantastic seafood place and I am getting what I damn well please.  Tomorrow we have a giant work potluck and I plan on ignoring it.

My husband will be back at work full-time next week and I plan to get my eating strapped down then.  I am ready to start losing again and have some good motivation.  My husband is in a wedding the beginning of October and I would like to feel great in a new dress.  I am not putting a number on it... but I am going to do what I can between now and then.

Have a great week all!

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Sheila said...

You are doing good by "planning" your cheats. It's important to not always be 100% strict, to let loose and have fun. But when it's time to buckle down then no excuses. Great plan!