Monday, June 28, 2010

PB made my day!

I have NEVER been so happy to pb in my life. I was eating my salad today at lunch and noticed it was going down a little "rougher" than usual. So I slowed down but continued eating. All the sudden I took a bite and knew I was in trouble. I barely made it to the bathroom in time... the slime was so bad and then up it came.

Why does this make me so happy?! This is the first sign of restriction I have had in a month. It always takes me a little while to tighten up after a fill (usually about a week). Last night I was eating with no problem... today.. problems. I know I am not at my sweet spot and had already scheduled an appointment for another fill... but man, I am so glad to have some restriction! My next fill is July 8th and I wasn't sure how I would make it that long.

I have really been struggling to lose any weight at all and have pretty much just been maintaining. Hopefully now I can start to see that scale move down down down.

Happy Monday all!


carla said...

Sometimes PBing is the only thing that makes me remember I still have my band!! glad you have some restrcition :-)

Nella said...

Who knew eh? Happy for your restriction!

THE DASH! said...

Oh I hope it starts to move down too - nothing worse than a stuck scale. Blahh to the PB's though lol I had a lot of those too this weekend.