Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Reading Sign Up

Monday was the first day of summer reading here at the library. Here is a picture from this year (on the left) and one from last year +75 lbs (on the right).

Tomorrow is my fill!! Can't wait! I have dropped some of the weight I gained but still up. My doctor is not going to be impressed! :)

Happy Wednesday!


tessierose said...

You look great!

Sarah said...

Great job!!! And my daughter signed up at the library - for 50 books this summer!!! And she JUST turned 6 yesterday! But, she's already done 3 books... go girl!

amandakiska said...

My daughter signed up to read 150 books this summer. She's already read 15. She would have read more if I'd get her to the library. We got there on Saturday after they closed.

You look fantastic!