Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Upper GI, Dr. Katz, and Tuesday Tuesday

So I had an upper GI this morning at 8 am. My doctor is about an hour away and with morning work traffic I had to get up EARLY. I was so tired by the time I got there. Dr. Katz checked everything out and said my band looked just right. He decided he would give me 4 cc's, I had 5.5 cc's when I had great restriction.

I really wanted 4.5 so he decided to fill me under flouro. At 4 cc's I couldn't even get the barium down! How is this possible?! He said restriction is so strange and sometimes it takes time for the saline to settle in. I ended up with 3 cc's and all seems fine. I had some yogurt and cottage cheese today and didn't have any issues. I am staying full (I had it at about 10 am and am still feeling satisfied). I am sure in a couple weeks I will be begging for another fill. I am just glad everything looked okay and I am willing to go slow if that means the band is safe and sound.

I have my abdominal ultrasound on Thursday to check out the gallbladder. I doubt that is an issue because I haven't had any problems since the unfill. I am however, willing to do anything to make sure I am good to go and can continue to get fills and lose weight.

In other news... a whole lot of nothing. The weather has been really nice here and I have been working in my gardens. I am already harvesting some of my veggies. Yumm-o!

Hope all of your are doing well!


susieq4givn said...

Glad to hear everything is ok and you were able to get a fill!
Hope you have some great restriction and things continue to go good!

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Linda said...

So glad things looked good! Now you can get back on track.

carla said...

So glad it wasnt anything wrong with your band!!!