Friday, September 17, 2010

Back on my way down

I got my fill yesterday and am SO glad! My doctor is great, he isn't afraid of a big ole fill now and then (even though I am). He gave me a .8 cc fill which scared the crap out of me at the time. I am at roughly somewhere between 7- 7.5 ccs now in my 10-11 cc band. My doctor is never quite sure how much is in my band but I have been trying to keep track myself.

Anyway, he was asking me about how much I could eat, what I was eating, ect. He decided a little less then 1 cc was what I needed. So he fills me... I take a sip of the water and it sits there and slowly gurgles down. This always makes me nervous. I asked him 10 times if this was okay.. he said it was great. I left and was on liquids all day yesterday.

I had yogurt this morning for breakfast and had to take it very slow, but no real problems. I am feeling good, and am excited about having better restriction. I am also on the losing side of things again getting myself back down to my pre-vacation low. I am hoping this fill is going to get me there faster.

On the not so good news side... my cholesterol was high. It was 259, something I have never seen before. I honestly think this isn't right, or it was a result of all the ice cream I ate this summer. I talked to the doctor about it and he said we will just recheck it in 3 months. I promise you this, it was be much lower in 3 months... there is no way I am losing 80 lbs and gaining a cholesterol problem!

Anyway, I am so looking forward to the weekend. I have hardly seen my husband this week (we have both been soo busy) and I want to spend some time with him.

Happy Friday!

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Sam said...

I hope this fill treats you well :) and that you have a great week end with the hubby.