Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday update

So, I am not sure what my deal is lately... first of all... I can eat way too much. So, I need a fill, that a certainly true. But secondly, I am just feeling so lazy about the whole weight loss thing lately. It is like I went on vacation and have never come back. I am not eating horribly, but I am also not making the best decisions. I am not really seeing any scale movement and I am not surprised.

I find myself thinking things like, "I don't really mind the weight I am at, why keep trying?" or "I will have to buy all new clothes once I lose more weight". Both of these things are true, but not a good reason to stop losing. I want to be healthy, I want to get into a normal weight category... I want to make good choices.

So I am wondering what my "real" issue is. I wonder if I am scared to lose more weight. I wonder if I have been comfortable at this weight and now am hesitant to push forward because I don't know if I will be comfortable at other weights. I am trying to look inside my mind and figure out what my real hold-up is. I am seeing now that the mental challenges are really coming to the surface. For the first year I was motivated, I was excited, this was all new. Now that real life has set in and the band has become old news I am faced with different feelings.

Maybe it is time to go back to that therapist!

Happy Thursday all!

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Dinnerland said...

I'd say a therapist would be a good idea-- sounds like you have some very normal, but hesitant feelings about losing more weight.
I recognize those thoughts, and have been there at other times myself, but not this time around for some reason.
I think at least some of what you describe is fear of change-- having to go out and buy new clothes, get used to a new you etc. I'd ask yourself: are these things all that scary?? Yes: change isn't easy, but it is fun and it is worth it.
Good luck-- you've done wonderfully! And maybe you'll just decide you want to stay at the weight that you are and that is ok too. Perhaps talk to your surgeon about a reasonable goal weight for you to consider? That could help you get sorted out as well.