Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I weighed myself yesterday... and it wasn't good

I have gained 5 lbs. Yes, 5 whole entire pounds. Too much drinking and ice cream and general no good behavior. Now, I will repent. My sugar free cleanse seems to be going okay. I am not going to lie and say I enjoy it... I don't... but it also isn't as bad I as I thought it would be. I also feel good because I am making good choices again and going in the right direction.

I essentially went back to my doctors pre pre-op diet. It is very bland foods like oatmeal, cream of wheat, plain sugar free yogurt, skim milk, and veggies. There are a few other things in there but this is what I am eating. It is designed to bring you sugar levels back to normal and your salt level back under control. I suspect I should see some weight loss after a few days on this. I am not planning on weighing myself until Friday so I can see some actual results (hopefully).

Thursday I am going to get a fill, which I have mentioned, I need desperately. I can eat a whole lot these days with little trouble. It is funny how your restriction slowly starts to go and you just slowly eat more and one day you realize you need a fill fast.

Anyway, back on the journey!

Hope you are all well!



It sounds like you have good plan, keep it up. and did you say DRINKIG? Would that be adult refreshing beverages? Oh my not me, LOL

Gen said...

I hear you Sister, I am right about where you are now with getting back on track. How much did you lose on your doctor's pre-op diet the first time around?