Monday, September 27, 2010


I am so jealous of the BOOBS! I wish I could have been there... it looked amazing! Secondly, I will not be missing next year even if I have to sell my precious jewels (o wait I don't have any). I am back from my conference but am leaving on Wednesday for another speaking engagement. I won't be back until the following Sunday.

On the band front... things are good. I have great restriction, am hardly ever hungry, and can get full on 1/2 cup. That is a first for me, and I sort of love it.

Happy Monday!

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Liz said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for following my blog...sorry it's taken me so long to return the favor, but I like to read blogs from beginning to current (I am a dork) and yours took me a while! :) Lotsa good info, especially for a newbie like me!

You've done amazingly in the last year! Hope to get to know you better :)