Monday, December 10, 2012

The Ole Diet

I lost about 7 lbs after my first week on an official "diet".  I had a few bumps in the road over the weekend but am back at it again today.  I am counting down the days until my Christmas vacation.  I have 9 days of work left (some weekends in between) and I can't wait.  I do, however, worry about my eating during the holidays.  My current diet plan is to drop some weight so that I don't have to worry about gaining a big chunk during my vacation.  I know we will be going to a lot of parties, having family over, and all around living on an irregular schedule. 

I wish eating was easier for me.  I wish it wasn't always a struggle and something on my mind.  I know I am in the home stretch before my surgery and things will be easier then.  I also can't fool myself.  I know it will still be a struggle.

I have been baking a ton, but not really eating any.  It is full blown Christmas prep at our house with gifts being wrapped, decorations going up and so on.  I am not huge Christmas person, but I am trying to really dig in this year.

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