Thursday, January 24, 2013

Post-op Day 8

Today is a very nice quiet relaxing day for me.  I am just sitting around at home and enjoying what is left of my time off from work (I got back next Wednesday).  I am still a little sore... but it is all extremely manageable.  No more movement on the scale but I am not at all surprised by that.  I am still on my full liquid diet for another week and I am already getting sick of my choices.  My favorite thing seems to be cottage cheese.  Somehow, it feels like real food.

I am learning what it feels like to have a sleeve and honestly, it some ways it is similar to my Lap Band.  I get that same squeeze feeling I would get when I ate too fast or ate too big of a bite.  However, I do not get the slimy pukey feeling that would often follow.  I do get a little miserable if I eat one too many bites but I think that is hard to do at this stage.

My biggest obsession has become worrying about a leak.  I can't imagine anything worse, short of dying, that could happen.  I knew the statistics before surgery, and still know now that it is relatively rare.  However, I recently started researching how they fix the leak and that is terrifying.  I pray everyday that I continue on a healing path with no complications.  I also take my temperature twice a day to make sure I don't have any early leak symptoms.

I have my first follow up with my doctor tomorrow to have all my staples taken out and talk about my progress/issues.  I did get a call from the office yesterday and I have a vitamin D issue so I have to go on a prescription for 12 weeks.  Living in the Midwest where the temps have been in the single digits isn't helping!  I have only been outside for a few brief moments this past week.

Anyway, I am leaving you with a picture of my incisions because I have SO MANY scars.  Some from my original Lap Band, then my port revision, then my Lap Band out, and now my sleeve.  My stomach is a map of my weight loss history!

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Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

You're looking great! Happy healing!!!